Monte Gordo – Cachaço

From Cachaço, it becomes imperative to climb up to Monte Gordo, the highest point of São Nicolau classified as a Natural Park. The view includes immeasurable valleys and impressive mountains that overlap until they disappear on the horizon. The Natural Park of Monte Gordo, which is part of the National Network of Protected Areas, covers an area of approximately 952 hectares and a maximum altitude of 1312 m, is among the 5 Natural Parks of Cabo Verde and is one of the country’s most significant agricultural ecosystems.


Carberinho – Praia Branca

Located in the vicinities of Praia Branca, Tarrafal, and rated as one of the 7 natural Wonders of Cabo Verde, Carberinho is viewed as a place that stands out for its uniqueness, characterized by a variety of volcanic forms resulting from erosive, wind-energy, and marine action.


Dragoeiros – Vale Fajã

More popularly known as Dragoeiro or Dragon Tree, the Dracaena Dracois a plant native to Macaronesia, namely the Atlantic archipelagos of the Cabo Verde, Canary Islands, Madeira, and Azores, and locally from the neighbor African coast. It may reach several hundred years old and even produce large trees. Nowadays, it is one of the major tourist sites in São Nicolau, exceeding one hundred trees that rise up as a symbol of the island and the Natural Park of Monte Gordo. This endemic tree may reach 10 meters high.


Juncalinho Lagoon

The Juncalinho lagoons are natural pools in the summertime. Occasionally, the raging sea may trespass them during winter season, providing them with a wild beauty. The crystal-clear green waters reveal the colors of the rocks that range from turquoise to jade and amber and smell and taste like fresh fish. The lagoons are actually one of the mandatory stops for those who visit São Nicolau.


Praia de Baixo Rocha – Tarrafal

With its white sand dunes and turquoise-blue sea, this beach located in the municipality of Tarrafal is popular among the local population and visitors, especially during the warmer months of the year. Excellent for sun bathing and relaxation after a hike.